Chandra, Heart of Fire is coming to Magic!

The strongest pyromancer of Magic: The Gathering is returning to the game in the next release of the game. Wizards of the Coast sent four images of the cards that will show us more or less how Chandra, Heart of Fire will work. Chandra however will take 3 pets with him to the battlefield!

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'Pets' is not exactly the word to describe them. They are elementary incarnations of red mana that can fry enemies with direct damage or, in the case of Chandra's Pyrelling, grow passively in strength as your deck deals damage.

Chandra, Heart of Fire

But first, let's focus on Planeswalker. Chandra, Heart of Fire rewards decks built around direct damage with a large nuke at the end of the game. Free mana and the ability to choose "any number" of instant or sorcery cards outside your deck have the potential to destroy an opponent in a huge conflagration.

Chandra, heart of fire

Chandra's Magmutt

Then, a cheap and fluffy lackey who can cause consistent damage to the chips at a summoning cost of just two mana, one of which must be fire.

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Chandra's magmutt

Chandra's Pyreling

Pyreling is also cheap, but if you can get it out early and protect it; the continuous damage of your deck makes it extremely powerful during a turn, when you are able to do a lot of damage unrelated to your minions. At least three health points give you a chance to survive long enough to buff it and make it deadly to your enemies.

Chandra's pyreling

Chandra's Incinerator

Of course, instant spells count as non-combat damage, and creatures' abilities count as non-combat damage; so your direct damage spells and Magmutt's 'tap to deal damage' ability will increase Pyreling.

Anyway, the Incinerator is the coup de grace of this group of cards. You have to pay for it, but this ability to mirror the non-combat damage that comes out of your spells and creatures is delicious when combined with the rest of these cards and a stock of good spells for instant damage. Trample ensures that additional damage can pass through your opponent's creatures and cause serious direct damage to your health. With the right combination in play, this is potentially a winning creature in the game.

Chandra's incinerator

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