Children of Morta: Game gets free update

This free update to Children of Morta invites players to spend more time with the Bergson family, offering a challenging New Game + mode and a reward for expanded knowledge and content.

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Developer Dead Mage and the publisher's 11-bit studios are excited to offer fans of its popular action RPG, Children of Morta, the second free content update in the series planned for 2020. Anyway, this new Game + mode encourages players to follow Bergson's journey again, this time with an increase in difficulty, character skill points and updates in Ben's workshop and Margaret's lab.

The tradition of Children of Morta is enriched with more than 50 new scenes, events and domestic activities. Then, these additional pieces of the story will strengthen the player's bond with the Bergson family and the wonderful world of Rea. In addition to New Game + content, new family-related missions have been added to the dungeons and will appear during the first move. Anyway, the update is available on all platforms: PC, Xbox One, PS4 and Nintendo Switch.

Children of dead: game gets free update | 7 | married games news | children of dead

About the Children of Morta's Setting Sun Inn update:

  • New Game Plus mode, where players keep previously unlocked characters, skill tree progress, resources, Ben's workshop and Book of Rea updates, while playing with even more challenging content
  • 20 new scenes
  • 8 new interactive home events to liven up the Bergson family home
  • 26 new domestic idle activities to keep the Bergsons busy
  • 14 new family events and missions in the dungeons
  • 3 new Side Quest Traits
  • Balance changes and bug fixes.

Anyway, to access the official game networks access the game twitter, or from developer and that of publisher. O Facebook of the game, reddit, Instagram e youtube !

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