Children of Morta: Game hits consoles

The indie hit “Children of Morta” that was released for PC in September, is now available for Xbox One and PS4. We at Married Games received a game key and did an incredible review that you can check by clicking here

About Children of Morta

The game is a rogue-lite RPG that offers you Hack n'slash-style battles against hoards of enemies in dungeons, caves and procedurally generated terrain. All of this lived in great graphics, very beautiful and a great soundtrack and history too. Children of Morta can be purchased now for PS4 and Xbox One through the links below:

About the story

The story takes place in a distant land, but deals with themes and emotions common to all of us: love and hope, longing and uncertainty, and the loss and sacrifice that we are willing to make to save those who most interest us. Ultimately, it is a family of heroes against invading darkness.

The Bergson family has watched Mount Morta for generations, but now faces its most dangerous trial. Ultimately, corruption has spread, transforming the once peaceful mountain into a violent, monster-infested nightmare. So join the journey and experience what it means to be in a family of heroes. An emotional game of rogue-lite with beautiful pixel-art, Children of Morta combines a powerful narrative of family ties with intense hack-and-slash gameplay in an ever-changing world. Finally, choose the best character for your style of play, create new items for your adventure and fight to find out what the real source of evil is.

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