Children of Morta - Meet the Bergsons

First, expectations are rising as Dead Mage’s 11-bit studios and Children of Morta

an action RPG with dishonest gameplay and hack n 'slash battles with a family of brave heroes

But, they reach the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch in less than three weeks.

Coming to consoles on October 15, 2019, Children of Morta marries in an unconventional way the development of dishonest characters with the engaging storyline of a family of heroes who protect the world from cruel corruption.

Leaving Monte Morta, but the Bergsons are the only hope on earth.

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Learn about the six unique guardians of Mount Morta in the brand new trailer for the characters!

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The Bergson family has watched Mount Morta for generations, but now faces its most dangerous trial. Corruption spread, turning the once peaceful mountain into a violent, monster-infested nightmare. Join the journey as you will experience what it means to be in a family of heroes.

Anyway, it's an emotional roguel game with beautiful pixel art, Children of Morta combines a powerful narrative of family ties with intense hack-and-slash gameplay in an ever-changing world.

Choose the best character for your style of play, create new items for your adventure and fight to discover the true source of evil.

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