Deep Silver Announces Release Date for Chorus 101

Pre-orders are open. Watch today's 'Chorus 101' trailer to win a Warp Drive

Today, Deep Silver, along with developer FISHLABS, announced the release date for Chorus 101 and released a new trailer for the dark, space shooter Chorus. The trailer introduces players to the story and gameplay mechanics of Chorus. Today's trailer is designed to celebrate the announcement of the December 3rd release date. Chorus pre-orders are now open.

In Chorus, you take control of ace pilot Nara, a fugitive on a mission to destroy the dark cult that created her as she faces her haunted past along the way. Along with her sentient stellar fighter, Forsaken, she explores ancient temples, engaging in thrilling zero-gravity combat and fighting to unite the resistance forces against the cult (known as the Circle) and its leader, the Great Prophet.

Trailer 101 highlights Nara and Forsaken's deep bond and the arc of redemption to bring down the cult through intense scenes; the epic space adventure across the galaxy, with multiple missions and a lead of rebellion; and the kinetic spectacle of intuitive space action combat through maneuvers, powers, and weapons.

Watch the trailer for Release of Chorus 101

Pre-order now and receive the Elder Armor Skin Set. Blazing in gold and purple livery, reserved only for the most exalted members of the Circle, Ancestral Armor dates back to Nara's military past. This cosmetic pack can be applied to Forsaken as well as all three starting weapons; the Gatling machine gun, the missile launcher and the laser cannon.

Chorus Release 101
Chorus 101

Chorus will be available December 3, 2021 for Xbox Series X and Xbox One, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Google Stadia, PC via Epic Games Store and Steam, and Amazon Luna. Visit for ordering information.

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Key features:

  • An engaging experience for a player
  • Play as double protagonists Nara and his AI partner Forsaken on a personal journey of redemption
  • Experience fast-paced, frantic action that evolves the spirit of classic space shooters
  • Fight to unite resistance forces against the Circle and its menacing leader, the Great Prophet
  • Confront hordes of enemy starfighters, titanic warships and unknown empty entities
  • Recover, upgrade and use devastating weapons and skills in zero-g battles
  • Explore a dark new universe of science fiction, full of mysteries and conflicts
  • Enjoy beautiful next-generation sci-fi visuals in 4K, from cosmic landscapes to space stations

Fully designed to take advantage of state-of-the-art hardware, enhancements include:

  • Ray tracing effects
  • 4K resolution at 60fps
  • Destruction of advanced enemy ships
  • High quality volumetry
  • Rich environmental effects
Chorus 101
Chorus 101

For more information about Chorus, visit one of the following official game channels on website, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Leave it in the comments if you liked the news and take the opportunity to read more News on our website.

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