Cod Mobile: Season XNUMX is coming!

Cod Mobile will receive this Friday night a new update, which will include the Gunsmith, which was inspired by Modern Warfare. In addition it will also bring the Shipment 1944 map, which is much loved by fans and also very frantic; four new areas of Battle Royale, and more. On Saturday (August 15), at 21 pm Brasilia, Season 9: Conquest will start. The new season will also bring a familiar face to Reznov, who will remember his experience in the war in flashbacks. Players will be able to travel back to the past through seasonal events, a new marquee mode, a new Battle Pass and more.

Cod mobile season 9 conquest
Cod Mobile: Season ninth is coming! | Cod Mobile

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As stated at the beginning of the text, the Cod Mobile update will arrive for Android and iOS on Friday night (14).

Check out some of the news from Cod Mobile:

  • New multiplayer map - Shipment 1944
  • Four new areas of Battle Royale - Dormitory, Radar Base, Outpost, and Campground
  • Season Battle Pass: Conquest- New characters, weapons, items and more
  • New mode - 10v10 Featured Playlists (in Season 9)
  • Marquee Event - Finest Hour - Conquer cities on a virtual map (in Season 9)
  • New seasonal challenges
  • New goods available in store
  • Various UI updates, weapon balance and gameplay optimization.

Check out more information about the ninth season access the official website of the game in English.

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