Check out the trailer for CoD Warzone Season 6

CoD Warzone Season 6 won a cinematic trailer highlighting and the new season will be available on September 29th. Fans are eager to find out what's new in the game. First of all, check out the trailer below:

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CoD Warzone Season 6

CoD Warzone Season 6 will add new operators

In addition to some changes to the map of Verdansk. It will add two operators in this new healthy new season Farrah and Nikolai. Farrah is a very important figure in the Modern Warfare campaign, positioning herself as the commander of the Liberating Force of Urziquistan, a fictional country present in the game.

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CoD Warzone | Season 6 trailer | farrah

Nikolai is a great friend of the legendary Captain Price, and has the goal of stopping the evil Zakhaev. As a true Russian patriot, Nikolai has an immense and great love for his country and will always do everything necessary and correct. Although Farrah is unlocked at Level 0 of the Pass, players will have to arrive at the level 100 of the Pass to enable Nikolai.

Od warzone | season 6 trailer | nikolai
CoD Warzone | Season 6 trailer | Nikolai

Another incredible and expected addition to the season will be the tunnels on the map of Verdansk. Will the sites serve to increase the number of campers in the game? We will know more about this on the 29th of September, when the new season will be made available to all players. One detail that was causing concern in the players was in relation to progress, after all, CoD Black Ops: Cold War is basically at the door.

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Warzone cod | season 6 trailer
CoD Warzone | Season 6 trailer

Activision has also revealed that the new CoD Warzone Season 6 will feature progress shared with Warzone, so there is no reason to worry. Players will be able to evolve their weapons and Season Pass as normal, similar to how they did before with Modern Warfare.

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So what did you think of this new season of CoD Warzone Season 6? Comment on your expectations for the game!

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