Conquerors Blade: celebrating 2 years with events and lots of news

do you like MMORPG Conqueror's Blade, free-to-play online game for PC with epic siege battles between 15 vs 15 players, it is celebrating two years since it entered Early Access. In celebration there are several in-game events with exclusive items and gifts for players.

Conqueror's Blade
Conqueror's blade

This past year the game has changed a lot with the first appearance of the Rune system, the addition of PvE modes, completely reworked units, expansion of the arsenal, partnerships with professional bands and musicians, a major graphical update and local servers to ensure better performance of the players and much more.

graphic evolution comparison of the game

commemoration event

To celebrate two years of Conqueror's blade, Booming Tech has prepared a series of special events that guarantee in-game gifts, such as an exclusive Birthday Costume. There's also a new ranked event, epic quests and other new activities. In addition, the new Seasonal Gray Trim unit can be unlocked by completing unit challenges. Don't waste time run and check it out.

Two Year Birthday Costume - Draconic Power

The Dynasty has a long-standing belief in mythological creatures. Among them, a dragon's head with wide eyes, fixed in a furious glow, over the leopard's body, symbolizes the determination for revenge. The Dragon Power armor has been passed down from generation to generation, symbolizing the imperial authority of the Dynasty.

conqueror's blade costume
Conqueror's Blade costume

Ranked Birthday Event – ​​Lord of the Season

Warlords who score in the new season leaderboard will receive weekly rewards corresponding to their position. Meanwhile, if their houses are at the top of the House Ranking, they will receive extra rewards.

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Special Anniversary Login Event

There will be two login events, one for the new season, Dynasty, and another for the birthday. Sign in to receive a unique birthday avatar, as well as various items, resources and boxes with selections of schemes/doctrines that will help you gain power.

Temporary Guardian Quests and Permanent Event Kit

Warlords can complete quests to earn tons of Honor and Bronze Coins, as well as War Preparation Packs. In addition, Field and Siege Battles will not consume any kits on Saturdays and Sundays until July 28th.

Liked the news of Conqueror's Blade run that there is still time to take advantage of the 2 year celebration event.

Conqueror's Blade was developed by Booming Tech (developer website) and is available for pc in steam. Now let us know in the comments if you have any more tips for Conqueror's Blade take the opportunity to read more about indie games.

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