Control will have AWE DLC explaining Alan Wake events

Control by Remedy Entertainment has a surprising number of connections with Alan Wake, both games practically exist in the same universe. With the new AWE DLC this will increase connections as it will deal directly with Alan Wake's events.

Control by remedy entertainment has a surprising number of connections with Alan Wake. The new dlc awe will explain what happened in aw.

Remedy's Sam Lake confirmed this, saying that Control's AWE DLC will offer more information about the supernatural events that have been described in AW. "I can say that you will find out more about the Bureau's research into what happened in Alan Wake and where they are today," revealed Lake.

“We didn't want to make a lot of noise about it before launch, but I wanted to build the idea of ​​a connected Remedy universe behind the scenes. If you play Control and explore, you will find that Alan Wake and Control exist in the same world. In addition, it is clear that the Federal Control Department, which deals with these inexplicable things, has been investigating what happened to Alan Wake, ”said Lake of what is to come.

AWE will be the second largest paid expansion launched for the game. So Jesse will explore Brith Falls, which means a good change of scenery compared to The Oldest House.

Remember that Remedy is joining Epic Games, possibly their games will be available on the platform.

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About Control

At first a secret agency in New York City is threatened by being invaded by something supernatural; you being the new director of the place, struggling to regain control. So, this third person supernatural action adventure will challenge you to master a combination of supernatural skills, modifiable equipment and reactive environments; at the same time, in which he struggles in an intense and unpredictable world.

Control is available for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Check out the official pagel of the game.

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