Crucible: Everything you need to know about the game

The great and expected title Crucible, from Amazon Games, arrives today for PC. the game is a free-to-play TPS / coop style game that was developed over many years by the Relentless studio; which was a subsidiary of Amazon. Until then, the players who went through the game's testing battery; they say the game has a lot of LoL and Overwatch and Fortnite influences.

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According to testimony given by Amazon, the game does compete with League of Legends and Dota. Amazon works since 2014 in Crucible.

Anyway, as stated in the first paragraph, the game is a TPS that has its gameplay defined according to the choices made by the player. The expectation of the game is very low according to the amount of followers on their social networks, since all the hype of the moment is about the FPS of Riot Games, Valorant.

The curious thing about Crucible, is that even the Amazon having their own game store, players need to go to Steam to be able to download it.

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Crucible: Everything you need to know about the game | Crucible

More about Crucible

Each character in the Crucible has unique skills and weapons that can be upgraded throughout a game; modifying and honing your skills as the game progresses. Unusually, these unlocks are pre-selected at the start of each game, not in real time; which, in theory at least, should allow you to plan and follow your upgrade path more efficiently.

Anyway, three modes are available in Crucible at launch, including 4v4 and 8v8 goal-based modes; and a third named Alpha Hunt that sounds like a potentially interesting turnaround in battle royale: eight pairs struggle to be the last team standing, which is pretty standard stuff but players who lose their partner can choose to join other involuntarily lonely players they encounter on their travels; so that they are not at a disadvantage in firepower for the rest of the game.

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