Crucible removes two of its game modes

Amazon's free-to-play shooter, Crucible, had a mixed reception when it launched last month. Last week, developers Relentless Studios released a statement explaining the feedback and criticisms that were heard, and they plan to deal with it.

Crucible removes two of its game modes

Feedback is Crucible

First, two of their three modes will be disabled so that they can focus on improving the “heart of the hive“, Which proved to be the most popular. 

This is the way in which two teams of four run to capture harvesters and fight NPCs until a hive-heart monster appears and they can kill it. 

Both Harvester Command and Alpha Hunters will be retired “in the near future”

The main priorities of Relentless are:

  • Voice chat,
  • The surrender option
  • The system for dealing with AFK players ruining matches
  • An expanded ping system
  • Some form of minimap

And they will also work on the experience of new players, as well as matchmaking, hit feedback and improved frame rate.

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While working on these changes and additions, Crucible's first planned season of content is being postponed. As the franchise leader, Colin Johanson, explains:

"We will stay in the pre-season until the features and polishes identified by the community are completed."

 He also promises that a change script is on the way, because no live service game is complete without a script.

Anyway, remember to access more news, but also access the official game website

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