Darwin Project has been officially launched!

A longtime game about Battle Royale, Darwin Project was finally released Tuesday (14) now. Darwin Project brings its own balance and a Gameplay and different from ordinary Battle Royales! About the map and events, we are basically living in the ice age.

We had such an important opportunity to launch this game on its launch day and even to test the game's beta server. So from my own experience, because I was chosen to star in the game, I can introduce you to this new world.

Main image | darwin project has been officially launched!
Main image | Darwin Project has been officially launched!

Play Darwin Project

Currently being totally free and available for PC, Xbox One e PS4. Darwin Project launched on the 14th now does not have any Pay to Win system, besides bringing an innovative battle mechanic.

Basically in Darwin Project we have a system where all players have only one bow and one ax. One detail that I mentioned in my live was about the possibility of the game running out of variety of weapons.

So this is where another game system is introduced, in this case the classes. As Darwin Project was actually launched, we can take a closer look at this novelty. In short, we can choose three classes before starting a match. The classes being:

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  • Jet Wings: A class with jetpack in the shape of wings, where it unlocks its flight and greater mobility in the character.
  • Grapple Gauntlet: Class with a hook that can be used to move around the map or pull your opponents, extra detail that its range is absurd.
  • Drone Headhunter: For me the strongest class in terms of map and utility. Basically you get a drone for you that can collect resources, track enemies and keep an eye on the area around you.
Trailer scenes | darwin project has been officially launched!
Trailer Scenes | Darwin Project has been officially launched!

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