Dead By Daylight - Playstation 4 bug

Bow - Firstly; I think everyone who follows this site realizes that I love Dead by Daylight and that's why I follow all the things that are happening with the game

But this time I came across something quite boring, a bug that has lasted for weeks without a solution; so I took my detective hat and went after how to solve this problem

The Bug

Dead by daylight - bug on playstation 4 | bug

No matter what your internet speed is, the chances of the game alerting you that you are out of internet are huge making you unable to open games or; most of the time, keep saving errors and crashing the game (thing that can occasionally corrupt your game save)

In games with friends when I tried the game, it didn't show everyone with the "Ready" option selected; or knock down all the players in the lobby as soon as the last player entered, forcing everyone to restart the game.

Dead by daylight - bug on playstation 4 | whatsapp image 2020 03 02 at 11. 29. 34 | married games news, articles | bug

The Forum and Groups

As soon as I came across this problem, I entered the official game forum, and, to my surprise, there was no post about this Bug on the website, which left me with that flea behind my ear. How could I not have a post if I want to on the subject since it happened to me and my friends several times?

But I decided to look elsewhere to confirm my doubts. And so I ended up in the Facebook groups of the game where I found some players with the same problem and who also didn't seem to understand what was going on.

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The Provider

As soon as I got some information, I noticed a pattern among all players with this recurring error. Everyone used the Net Claro Internet Provider service in their homes and somehow it seemed that the game was in conflict with the connection provided by the service.

People using other providers were not being affected by the "New Bug" in their video games and continued their game without any major problems.

Solving the problem

So far, there has been no official statement from Behavior Studios about the game bug, but some of the users are trying to resolve the issue in their own way.

DNS change

There are some players who claim that the DNS change is solving a problem and the game is returning to normal.



Call the Net my dear

Some also claim that calling your ISP and asking for a reset of your IP is also working, but this may only work temporarily, but being able to play is an improvement.

Anyway, what a Bug!

Dear ones, if you are being affected by this bug, don't worry. An update should happen in the next few days with the Rift update and probably this bug will be resolved, however we cannot count on just that.

Try some of the solutions or if you know a new way to fix it, share it with us.

The game is fun, but the bugs can end up killing it.

Enjoy and see our post about DeathSliger and the Meta change, the post about the big game update and game review.

And also access the official website of Dead by Daylight

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