Dead by Daylight - How to face the Pyramid Head

How to face Pyramid Head is a very important point to think about now, because as Test Build ended and on the 16th of June the new character will be among us it is always good to know its strengths and weaknesses. Let's talk a little bit about the possibilities that the Executor brought to the game, but mainly about his add-ons and perks.

The Power of the Executor in the DBD - Rites of Judgment

Complements to know how to face the pyramid head
  • Keep held down the action button to activate and then move in any direction to open a trail on the ground.
  • Survivors who walk or run on the trail will trigger the Killer Instinct and be struck by the state of Torment. Survivors affected by Torment can be sent to an Atonement Cage while in the dying state.
  • Punishment of convicts: Press the Attack button while Rites of Judgment is active to perform Punishment of the convicted. This unleashes a wave of strength, damaging any survivors in its path.
  • Atonement Cage - Press the Active Skill button while on a Survivor dying suffering from Tormento to send them to an Atonement Cage. Survivors in an atonement cage can be sacrificed as if they were on a hook. During the second phase of the summoning ritual, they will be forced to complete skill tests  to prevent the entity. Being rescued or rescuing another Survivor from an Atonement Cage will remove the Tormento .

Executor Perks in DBD

Add-ons to know how to face the pyramid head the executor in dbd
  • Forced Penance: Survivors who take a protective hit are inflicted with the broken by 20 / 25 / 30  the 2nd
Complements to know how to face the pyramid head
  • Trail of Torment: After kicking a generator you become undetectable by 15 seconds. During that time, the Generator's Aura is revealed in yellow for all Survivors. Trail of Torment can only be triggered once every 120 / 100 / 80  the 2nd
Complements to know how to face the pyramid head
  • Lethality: When a Survivor heals another Survivor for a State of Health at least 32 meters from distance from the Assassin, the Survivor who performs the Healing action will scream, revealing his location and activating Lethality for the next few 45 seconds. During that time, the survivor will suffer from Alien when further away than 16 / 12 / 8  meters away from the healed survivor

Complements are essential to know how to face the Pyramid Head

Brown Complements

Fulliconaddon leadring. png

Lead Ring: Increases the duration the trails of Judgment Rites.

Found in a refrigerator. It is etched with a disgusting, puffy and bizarre face.

Fulliconaddon deadbutterfly. png

Dead Butterfly: Slightly reduces recharge time of Rites of Judgment.

A butterfly found on a bed at the Wood Side Apartments. It is fragile and almost collapses when touched.

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Fulliconaddon copperring. png

Copper Ring: Slightly increases Power duration of Judgment Rituals.

Found in the basement of Brookhaven Hospital. It is engraved with the image of a spider.

Fulliconaddon blackstrap. png

Black Belt: Slightly increasesPunishment of Attack range Condemned.

A nylon strip used to restrict the victim to a metal frame. Color makes it so hard to see soaked blood

Yellow Complements

Fulliconaddon waxdoll. png

Wax Doll: Increases moderatelyPunishment of Attack range Condemned

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A doll carved out of wax, handmade by a prisoner who would soon face his trial

Fulliconaddon spearhead. png

Spearhead: Increases the duration of Judgment Ritual Power

The sharp, rusty tip of a spear. It's covered in blood from its last victim

Fulliconaddon leopardprintfabric. png

Printed Fabric : Slightly increases the duration of Killer instinct 

A piece of pink fabric with leopard print. It's hard to say what it was used for

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Fulliconaddon esqueceuvideotape. png

Forgotten Videotape: Moderately reduces the recharge time.

A videotape of two lovers on vacation in Silent Hill. Despite his sentimental value, he was left behind at the Lakeview Hotel.

Fulliconaddon cinderellamusicbox. png

Cinderella Music Box: Increases moderately the duration the trails.

A music box with a figure from the fairy tale Cinderella, found in a suitcase adorned with stickers from various destinations.

Green Complements

Fulliconaddon valtielsectphotograph. png

Valtiel sect photo: Considerably reduces the recharge time of Rites of Judgment

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A photograph of two figures in red hoods. Titled Crimson and White Banquet for the Gods.

Fulliconaddon tabletoftheoppressor. png

Sign of the Oppressor: Considerably increases the power duration of rites of judgment

A metal signboard engraved with Aztec figures

Fulliconaddon mistyday. png

Misty Day, Remains of Judgment: Moderately increases the duration of Killer instinct when triggered by Judgment Rites

A painting of an imposing figure using a steel pyramid on top of his head. Victims are caged in the background.

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Fulliconaddon mannequinfoot. png

Mannequin Foot: Increases considerably the duration the trails of Judgment Rites in the environment

The gray, smooth foot of a mannequin, brutally ripped from the leg

Fulliconaddon burningmanpainting. png

Burning Man Painting: Increases considerably o range Punishment Attack Condemned

A diagram of the Lakeview Hotel. Red flames are painted over this place of guilt

Purple Complements

Fulliconaddon scarletegg. png

Scarlet Egg: Considerably increases the duration of Killer instinct when triggered by Judgment Rites

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A fresh egg, surprisingly red in color, the size of a quail egg.

Fulliconaddon rustcoloredegg. png

Rust colored egg: Survivors affected by Judgment Rites suffer from the Blindness Effect by 60 seconds.

An old, reddish-orange egg the size of a quail egg

Fulliconaddon lostmemoriesbook. png

Book of Lost Memories: Survivors affected by Judgment Rites suffer from Alien by 15 seconds

A book about the history and legends of Silent Hill and surroundings.

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Add-ons to know how to face the pyramid head the executor in dbd

Book of Crimson Ceremony: Injured survivors affected by Tormento suffer from the Status Effect of Hemorrhage

A book about an ancient god. Unknown author

Add-ons Roses

Add-ons to know how to face the pyramid head the executor in dbd

Obsidian Chalice: The hangman gains the Undetectable Status Effect when on a trail of Rites of Judgment

An antique-looking chalice carved from pure obsidian

Fulliconaddon iridescentsealofmetatron. png

Metatron Iridescent Seal: When sending a Survivor to a Atonement Cage , the Auras of all Survivors who suffer from Tormento are revealed by 6 seconds .

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A talisman with a strange design inscribed on it. The Entity's influence seems to have changed.

The Executor's Lore in the DBD

Add-ons to know how to face the pyramid head the executor in dbd

A sadistic and merciless executioner, Pyramid Head is determined to dispense punishment through pain. Overwhelmed by the steel frame over his head and with a big blade to pull, he peered down into the infernal corridors of Silent Hill, committed to a duty that no one really understood. Where he stepped, even monsters fled into the shadows, and those who crossed his path were victims of unrestrained acts of aggression. When his duty was complete and his presence was no longer needed, he prepared himself for the long rest - and yet his skills were needed elsewhere. The fog that flowed over him was somehow different from what he was used to in Silent Hill, as if each lock contained a creature's nerves, writhing, searching for him. There was an unspoken agreement at that time. The undulating cloud was an invitation to duty and sadism, and Pyramid Head

I know that Lore is not something that has a great impact on the game, but it is worth knowing by the context of the character.

DBD Executor's gameplay

First, let's talk a little bit about the killer itself

Pyramid Head brings a mandatory change to the game's mindset, as several killer meta perks are not as effective with it due to its power and abilities.

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It does not work very well with survivors carrying perks, such as "As soon as the Carousel spins", "Make your choice", "Devour Hope", among others, because because of their ability we do not hook survivors, these perks may not be as as effective as they could be on other killers.

But not everything is tears, as some perks work very well with him, making the gameplay even more interesting.

First, a build that I tested during PTB and I think is super valid is:

Add-ons to know how to face the pyramid head the executor in dbd

Monitor and Abuse

While in pursuit, your terror radius is increased by 8 meters. Otherwise, your Terror Radius is decreased by 8 meters and his field of vision is increased by 3 / 5 / 10 °.

Meticulous in its approach, terrifying in its application.

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Corrupt Intervention

Add-ons to know how to face the pyramid head the executor in dbd

3 Generators located farther away you are blocked by the Entity  guidance on 80 / 100 / 120  seconds at the start of the trial. Survivors cannot repair generators  for Corrupt Intervention duration is active.

Their prayers invoke a dark power that interferes with the survivors' chances of survival.

Hex: Haunted Ground

Add-ons to know how to face the pyramid head the executor in dbd

Two trapped Hex Totems will appear in the Event.

When one of the two trapped Hex Totems is purified by a survivor  , all survivors suffer from Exposed  Effect State guidance on 40 / 50 / 60  seconds.

The remaining Hex Totem stuck immediately becomes a Dull Totem.

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Add-ons to know how to face the pyramid head the executor in dbd

Every time two or more survivors are working on the same Generator, that of Generator Aura is highlighted in yellow guidance on 8 / 10 / 12  seconds.

But tell me about a Build that you used or will use? Let's share knowledge

Is the Executor in DBD Loopavel?

So, this is where things start to change, because Pyramid Head is very complicated to maintain the conventional loop. The fact that he can mark the ground with power and depending on the complement can be even more powerful.

His power allows him to attack through the pallet or even walls, which makes everything even more complicated if the killer has a good spatial sense.

Do your utmost to keep your eyes on the killer to see when he will attack with power and you may be able to survive the chase.

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But it is worth remembering that DLC officially launches in June for all platforms bringing the Executor in DBD.

Anyway, remember to access more news, but also access the official game website.

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