Deck of Ashes: Game coming to PC's

Deck of the Ashes will hit Windows and MacOS in early June, unleashing players in a dark fantasy world; based on stories, with deep tactical card combat

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The tactical action-adventure card game Deck of Ashes will be released on Windows and macOS on June 9, 2020; after two and a half years of development. Anyway, the game takes place in a cursed land full of abominations that you must defeat in combat using unique cards that you collect and create throughout your journey.

Deck of Ashes is an adventure game with tactical card combat. So, one character at a time, you lead the cast of anti-heroes in a quest for redemption; exploring the mysterious world and hunting for powerful cards. The game has elements of survival and RPG that compel players to command their journey, but, choosing where to go, which resource to collect, which risk to risk and which card to manufacture. There are more than 100 cards for each character to explore and combine to create unique play styles.

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About Deck of Ashes

First of all, the game invites you to play cards among the hordes of enemies, embarking on an adventure in which danger awaits at every turn.

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“Deck of Ashes has been in development for two and a half years and, every month, since the initial access, we complement the game with new content, new characters; monsters, balanced events, ”says Oleg Vasilyev, head of AY Games. “We are sincerely grateful to the players who supported us, shared their impressions, advice and recommendations, some of which we managed to implement in the Deck of Ashes. "Without your support, it would be much more difficult to work on the game." Anyway, now the project is at the finish line and our entire team hopes that players will enjoy the whole history of our world! “

Deck of Ashes opened Early Access for the game last year, in April, generating thousands of downloads on Steam. Early Access received a tremendously positive reception from the community on Steam, with rates above 80% positive approval.

Starting on June 9, the first day edition of Deck of Ashes' will be available on Steam in the first two weeks for just $ 19,99. Then, he will offer early risers the bombastic package of exclusive content, which includes an expanded digital art book, HD wallpapers; But, all the existing covers for the main characters and a sincere "thank you" from the development team.

Anyway, for more information, visit the website game officer and stay updated with the latest news from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Discord.

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