Deluge in Fortnite, new event and season 3

At first after a series of delays, the next big Fortnite event, which is being called the Doomsday or Apocalypse event, which happened today. It marks the end of the current season, the 2nd season of Chapter 2, and is an introduction to the beginning of the third season that possibly starts this week. Officially known as The Device, the live event happened and here we will tell you what happened.

What happened in Fortnite?

The rumors were right, confirming that the third season will have the water theme. The long-awaited end-of-season event hit Fortnite with a heavy storm. The device, the arc point of the second season was destroyed by the agency and submerging the entire map in the water.

Fortnite event season 3

Fortnite's servers were filled to capacity 30 minutes before the device's scheduled shutdown time. The players who managed to get started started playing in team deathmatch mode, where a ton of old weapons and skills were available as "technicians".

When 15 pm the fighting stopped and, a few minutes later, huge rods emerged from the hatches around the Agency. Then the device itself, a huge sphere located within the Agency, was raised above the map, causing a huge storm. An immense wall of water completely surrounded the building and everyone around it. The device was able to contain the storm by temporarily removing it from the map.

The event featured several scenes as it cut between the device rising from the floor to a first-person perspective of an office. The dialogue about the device and something called "the noose" could be heard before Jonesy entered the room.

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That was until the special event. No major changes have been confirmed yet, as the entire map was still intact, although surrounded by water and with the Agency now destroyed. We will probably still have more events and new events as the third season is scheduled to start at the end of the week.

See how it was:

What can we expect?

Although Epic didn't say anything confirmed, it seemed pretty clear that the Device would take the game into a third season with a water theme. Several leaks suggested this, now we are waiting to see how exactly the Apparatus prepared the way for this. The swim animations have been updated, which may indicate that part of the season 3 map may be underwater as part of the event. This would create a radically different environment to start the third season, assuming that the changes are centered on the story, impacting the gameplay.

Apparently the Fortnite Device event will start on Monday, June 15th. As well as Fortnite season 3 will start now on Wednesday, June 17th.

Fortnite is a Battle Royale available for PC, Xbox One, Playstation 4 and Nintendo Switch, click here to download the game.

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