Check out details of Fortnite on PS5

Fortnite on PS5! Yes, the game was officially announced during the Sony event focused on PlayStation 5. The event was held live on streaming platforms like Twitch, YouTube and the PlayStation website.

Many titles have been announced for PS5 with lots of new information. One of those titles that has been confirmed is Fortnite for the next generation console.

Unlike many of the other titles at the PS5 event, Fortnite was one that most players would assume would make it to PS5. Even so, Epic Games showed a new video at the event that confirmed the game as a PS5 launch title.

The video started out black and the sound of a player falling off the battle bus played before the visual finally started. The main point of the clip was undoubtedly to show the new graphic advances made in Fortnite for the next generation of consoles, as well as PCs.

The rest of the trailer showed normal battles between players and didn't necessarily present anything new for the game. Shootings took place on the sides of helicopters, pots of fireflies were dropped onto structures to burn and a truck crashed into some blocked cars. An interesting note was the use of the beer pitcher in the trailer.

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A squad was seen around the campfire and healing in a nocturnal environment. A player on the far right was swallowing a jar to replenish his health and shields. To be noted is the fact that this item is missing from the loot pile on the Battle Royale map in Chapter 2, Fortnite Season 4. There is no confirmation, but the use of the chug jug in the PS5 trailer for Fortnite may be an indication or hint of your return.

Check out details of fortnite on ps5
Check out details of Fortnite on PS5 | epic games store, fortnite, ps5 | Fortnite on PS5

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About Fortnite graphics on PS5

Fortnite has come a long way, from being a game with so-called children's graphics to becoming one of the best and most refined games of all time. Even though bugs and bugs have their moment in the game from time to time, the developers have never failed to update and resolve what is necessary, even if slowly, but gradually, every element of the game.

Recently, players have seen a new enhanced version of the game via NVIDIA RTX, and some players have been unable to notice changes in texture and reflection in the game. So, with this new Fortnite announcement on PS5, players can finally catch a glimpse of the future Fortnite.

These important changes look very promising for the future of the game. We already know what developers are capable of with live game events, so when you give them such a technological leap, it just makes players wonder what the next step in competitive games could be and the new era of Fortnite .

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"Epic will launch Fortnite, built with UE4, on next generation consoles at launch and, in line with the team's commitment to proving industry-leading features through in-house production, will migrate the game to UE5 in mid-2021," said the company after announcing Unreal Engine 5 in May. Epic says it will be able to improve Fortnite's performance and visuals on new hardware in 2021.

There wasn't much news about the trailer or the ad itself, but it's probably a relief that Fortnite is confirmed as a launch title. In the worst case, new console owners will have a free game to play guaranteed at launch.

What's your take on the Fortnite graphics improvements on PS5?

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