Diablo 3: Prints show exclusive images of the game in development

Diablo 3 has evolved over the years to another Blizzard big hit, but it was not universally loved when it was young. One of the biggest criticisms he faced was the art direction, which many fans found too bright and colorful for the series, when compared to the oppressive darkness of the first two games.

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However, it was not originally predicted in this way. The “new” screens recently collected on PureDiablo suggest that, in the early stages of development; Diablo 3 looked much more like Diablo 2 than it turned out to be. The images were originally posted several months ago by Oscar Cuesta, a former artist from Diablo's original studio, Blizzard North; which closed in 2005, but went unnoticed until they ended up on the Diablo fan site.

Diablo 3: screenshots show exclusive footage from the game in development | 3a7fa02e cspa39dxnkbh8zfvjqxheb 650 80. Jpg | diablo 3 news
Diablo 3: Prints show exclusive screenshots of the game in development | Diablo 3

Cuesta said the models "were very low polygons and we were using only basic color maps" and are obviously incomplete; but even so it is clear that the initial vision of Diablo 3 was a much more direct continuation of its predecessor: Grim and Gothic as hell (literally), but relatively contained and silent. I'm not so sure it would have been better, strictly speaking, but it would definitely be better suited to expectations.

About Diablo 3 and the release of 4

Although Diablo 3 is still going strong, Blizzard indicated last year when Diablo 4 was announced; that will return strongly to the darkness that we remember from the first two games. If they're really as dark as we remember them, it's a subject for debate (a topic that Tyler and James plunged into last year), but last year's film intro is definitely the most unpleasant part.

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Diablo 4 currently has no release date, but director Luis Barriga warned when it was announced at BlizzCon 2019 that “it will not be released anytime soon. Not even 'Blizzard soon' ”.

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