Dice Legacy Accolades wins Trailer Released with Free Upgrade

The acclaimed data builder sees new content arrive with the 'Memories' update

Today DESTINYbit and Ravenscourt celebrate the successful launch of the award-winning* Dice Legacy, a data-driven survival city builder. The game was well received by the press and players around the world, but it's just getting started. The Memories Free Update Is Now available for PC and will arrive at Switch soon.

The Memories Update for Dice Legacy brings a ton of new content, plus features and fixes requested by the gaming community. The update introduces a full Active Pause, accessibility options, relatable hotkeys ​​and Memories, a completely new modifier system that unlocks after finishing the game and features a lot of variety and gameplay.

Celebrate Dice Legacy with this trailer of praise.

About Dice Legacy Accolades

Dice Legacy is a survival city builder similar to a roguelike. Players use the dice to establish a medieval city in a fascinating world of rings and develop their society.

Each action is based on rolling a six-sided die, from planting and harvesting to establishing supply chains or fighting. In Dice Legacy, data represents the workforce. As ruler, builder, conqueror or merchant, players will need to provide food and tend to their data or witness the disappearance of their minions.

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dice legacy accolades
Legacy Accolades Dice

Balancing exploration, resource gathering, construction and conquest is key as the ever-present threat of mysterious factions looms in the fog of war. Players will soon realize that luck is nothing without good strategy behind it, and vice versa. The game is now available for PC and Nintendo Switch.

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