DiRT: New game in the series will be announced soon

The developer of racing games like F1 2020 and DiRT Rally, Codemasters; published a update on Friday (1) on its official forums giving DiRT fans information about the future of the franchise. The studio then confirms that post-launch support for DiRT Rally 2.0 is ready.

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But anyway, a big news that is inserted in the update is that a next title in the game franchise is being developed and will be revealed “very soon”. The company also confirms that the new game is being developed by another team, different from the ones that worked in the games of Rally.

DiRT: New game in the series to be announced soon | Dirt

In any case, the DiRT Rally team is "focused on the future" and "has great plans driven by a passionate development team".

“Whether it is our next game that will be revealed soon or what will follow in Rally; we are incredibly excited to continue to make the DiRT series into everything you love about racing off-road. ”

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Official update link on the Codemasters forum: https://forums.codemasters.com/announcement/41-a-letter-to-the-dirt-rally-20-community/

About DiRT

DiRT Rally is the most authentic, challenging and exciting rally game ever created - more than 130 million kilometers tested by the gaming community. It captures the essence of what makes the rally unique like no other game: that adrenaline rush of running at the limit, of trying to stay in control of your emotions as you accelerate through dangerous and irregular roads at breakneck speed, with the goal of overcoming everything in your car knowing that a crash could irreparably ruin your time on the stage.

Anyway, it is the definitive test of a pilot’s skill and the best in high risk gameplay and high rewards.

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