PS2 exclusive DOGFIGHTER WW4 battle royale

DOGFIGHTER WW2 first arrives today at Playstation for users, taking Battle Royale action to the skies in a different way to try to change the genre that has great possibilities for differentiated content!

Battle Royale mode is Free-to-Play and the single player DLC campaign, INTO THE FIRE, can be purchased from the PSN Store.

There are also special editions available, with limited edition fighter skins that can be used in Battle Royale:

  • Digital Deluxe Edition (Mustang Supreme Ace limited edition skin + Star decal banner decal + Bald eagle decal + 4.000 DF POINT + Into The Fire DLC)
  • Black Flight Edition (Limited Edition Skin Spitfire Black Flight + 2.000 DF POINT + Into The Fire DLC)
  • Red Baron Edition (Messerschmitt Red Baron Limited Edition Skin + 2.000 DF POINT + Into The Fire DLC)
dogfighter -ww2


DOGFIGHTER -WW2- is an authentic Battle Royale game, in which players can enjoy aerial combat with a maximum of 40 players with the real fighters used in World War II, while personalizing their fighters using decals, skin and other items.

There is also a scenario mode available called “Into The Fire DLC”, which consists of five chapters:

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  • Le Havre
  • hellfire corner
  • big week
  • Imagine
  • gunfighter

Based on what happened in World War II, the player becomes a pilot of the German and Allied forces to join the battle.

For those who want a more intense experience, THRUSTMASTER T. Flight Hotas 4 is compatible with the game to ensure that users can experience the real dogfights.

The title is available exclusively for Playstation 4 and is now available for download now, so rip the skies and be the last survivor

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