Dont Even Think -Battle Royale with werewolves

Don't Even Think, a new free Battle Royale that promises to slightly change the formula of the genre that is already heading towards saturation

It is described as an asymmetric game with elements of survival and PvP. In Dont Even Think, players can be soldiers, civilians or werewolves. The studio also stressed that cooperation will be crucial for survival, but did not provide further details.

The basic plot will take place in 2037, and total disorder has taken over the planet. Governments are then accepting help from security firm DET-i to regain control.

don't even think

The matches will take place within arenas in a city called Prism City, where DET-i operates.

It is worth mentioning that the title is a free-to-play, that is, totally free  

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For a while, Don't Even Think is only available for North America (it is not known if having an American account will have access). He is expected to reach other continents soon. The title is exclusive to PlayStation 4.

About Dont Even Think

Don't even think it's an asymmetric PvP survival game.

The game gives the battle royale genre a different concept. During an intense battle, fighting alone will not be a wise decision. When the time is right, you can get an unexpected result by cooperating with other players. Collect information, analyze information and make your strategy work will be the key to your victory.

Humans need to find weapons and ammunition during the cold night. They need to collect resources and keep warm while looking for information that will help them escape. When boarding the plane at dawn, humans will claim victory.

Werewolves must find rotten bodies and drink their blood to acquire powerful abilities. They need to locate humans by light and smoke, hunting them at the right time. By eliminating humans and preventing them from escaping, werewolves will be able to claim victory.

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