Dota 2 International: Championship has been officially canceled

Many major games industry events were canceled this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic; as it has policies of social isolation and avoiding crowds to interrupt the transmission of the virus. In another official statement, made this time by Valve, we had the cancellation of Dota 2, The International.

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This year The International would mark its 10th anniversary, having its presence in Stockholm, Sweden in August; after the company has received several offers from several cities, since the tournament is a good attraction for cities and makes good capital move. Last year, the 'OG' team received a payment of $ 15 million out of a total of $ 34 million that was distributed during the event.

Dota 2 international: championship officially canceled | 361fa3d4 9123has2 ti 10 blog | married games news | dot 2 international
Dota 2 International: Championship officially canceled | Dota 2 International

The game team says it does not expect "to have enough confidence to communicate firm dates in the near future" for the next international to be held; as they continue to explore dates in a “highly volatile scenario for restrictions”, according to the statement released last Thursday. However, they also point out that the event is not likely to happen until the year 2021. The official statement can be read below:

Official statement from the DOTA 2 team

“After a long deliberation on the global health emergency arising from Covid-19, we made the difficult decision to postpone the International. We think of several possible dates, but the event is likely to take place only in 2021. Due to the highly volatile scenario in relation to agglomeration restrictions, virus trajectory and international travel policies, we do not expect to have enough confidence to disclose precise dates in a near future. In the meantime, we are working on revamping the CPD for the fall season - we will share information as soon as possible.

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The total prize pool for the 10th edition of Dota 2 International will receive 25% of the revenue from the sale of the next battle pass, which we plan to launch soon (instead of leaving it to launch it closer to the event itself). However, as our team is working from home and things are taking a little longer to get ready, the launch of the next battle pass will be for at least a few weeks after the usual period.

We hope that everyone in the Dota community is protecting themselves as much as possible - and we can't wait to see everyone again to enjoy the spectacle of International. ”


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