Dr. Mundo Rework: Riot reveals new skills and more

Will the world go where it wants now? That's what this Rework

Dr. Mundo rework is an update long awaited by League of Legends players. Crazy Zuan has a new face and brings a lot of pain. Riot Games has finally unveiled Dr. Mundo rework and he is ready to shock some fans with the new abilities he will bring to Summoner's Rift.

When looking at Dr. Mundo's new rework kit, it's clear that Riot wanted to maintain the champion's classic style of play, while giving him some new tools to use while running after his enemies. The big guy will still bring many cleavers to throw, but he also has a lot of other skills that have renewed one of the original 40 League of Legends characters.

Here are all the Dr. Mundo's new skills and its new visual gameplay.

Dr Mundo rework
Image via Riot Games


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Dr. Mundo rework: new skills

Passive - Go where you want

Dr. Mundo resists the next immobilizing effect that hits him, losing some of his current Life and dropping a chemical container nearby. Mundo can pick up the container by going over it, restoring a portion of maximum Life and reducing the Passive's Cooldown. If enemies pass over the container, it will be destroyed.

Dr. Mundo also has increased Life Regeneration based on the maximum Life itself.

Q - Infected Saw

Dr. Mundo hurls an infected saw, dealing magic damage to the first enemy hit based on the target's current Health and causing Slowness.

W - Heart Choquinho

Dr. Mundo electrocutes himself for a few seconds, inflicting continuous magic damage to nearby enemies and accumulating a portion of the damage suffered as gray Life. At the end of the duration, it deals a burst of Magic Damage to nearby enemies and heals Gray Health if an enemy is hit (heal is reduced if only troops or monsters are hit). Dr. Mundo can reconfigure Choquinho Cardíaco to end the effect in advance.

E - Trauma

Passive - Dr. Mundo gains additional Attack Damage (which increases based on the Life lost itself).

Active - Dr. Mundo strikes the enemy with his “medical bag”, inflicting Physical Damage based on his own lost Life. If the enemy is knocked down, it is thrown, dealing the ability's minimum damage to enemies it passes through.

R - Maximum Dosage

Dr. Mundo fills himself with chemicals, instantly healing a percentage of his own lost Life. He then heals part of his maximum Life over the duration, receiving additional Movement Speed ​​and Attack Damage while healing.

New visual gameplay

In Dr. Mundo rework, Riot unveiled Dr. Mundo's visual gameplay update, showcasing the new skills and model of Crazy Zuan with Patch 11.12 from League of Legends. And while it may not be a great themed departure from the world of yore, it will certainly help one of the oldest champions in the transition to modern times.

The champion's updated lore cites the World as a “self-proclaimed doctor”. Once a patient in Zaun's most infamous asylum, Mundo began to imitate the unethical procedures he experimented with at the hands of the team. Now he terrifies anyone who wanders near his office and “becomes more monstrous” with each injection.

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As for the reworked skills of the World, you can expect your Q and your Ultimate to be very similar to your previous version. Infected Saw (Q) launches an infected projectile that causes damage and slows its target. Maximum Dosage (R) pumps the world with chemicals that heal it over time, while offering movement speed and attack damage bonuses.

Dr Mundo rework
New Dr. World skins

His other skills are where Riot has provided very welcome changes. The new passive in the World, Goes Anywhere, allows it to resist the next immobilizing effect that hits it. When that happens, the World will lose life and drop the nearby chemical container that can be collected. This container restores part of its maximum health and reduces the passive's waiting time, but enemies can destroy it by walking on it.

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Mundo electrocutes himself with Cardiac Shock (W), causing persistent damage to nearby enemies and storing a part of that damage as gray life. The Fool then deals a burst of magic damage that also heals your gray health if an enemy is hit. E Traumatism (E) throws a “medical” bag at an enemy that deals damage based on lifelessness. If the opposing champion, or minion, dies, the projectile strikes it, dealing damage to enemies as it passes.

Overall, Dr. Mundo rework has remained true to the original 2009 design. His model has had a modern update to bring it up to par with some of the latest additions to the game. And players who choose it after Dr. Mundo rework will not be completely lost, drastically decreasing the learning curve.

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League of Legends Patch 11.12, already featuring Dr. Mundo rework, is scheduled to air on June 9, according to the official patch schedule. Dr. Mundo rework will likely arrive at PBE in the two weeks prior to the patch.

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