Dreams: A game where you can create mini-games

Dreams, a game where you create mini-games and play those created by others, is available at the Playstation booth at BGS 2019. See a trailer about the game below!

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And how does Dreams work?

As I played at the fair I didn't have enough time to explore all the possibilities that the game offers, so I was able to just play the mini-games that had been created by both the developers and the community and what I saw was absurdly impressive.

Dreams: a game where you can create mini-games | dims 1 | dreams news
Dreams: A game where you can create mini-games | dreams

Because they are mini-games they are very short so in 20 minutes I was able to play 5 different games, 4 created by the developers and 1 created by the community, however, these 5 games were of totally different graphic styles and categories which made me imagine the possibilities that this game, more like a game development tool, would make available to this universe of creation.

  • The first one I played was a 1D 1v3 football game with a side view, however, the ball looked more like a bladder.
  • The second was a runner / 3D platform where the objective was to overcome obstacles and make your way to the end in the shortest possible time.
  • The third game was a 2D action / platform game with pixel graphics and 8bit sound effects.
  • The room was a game created by the community, the game was a 3D runner, very similar to other games in this category like temple run, subway surfers among others, in the game you had to escape from a dinosaur while dodging obstacles in front of you.
  • The fifth and final game was a 3D spaceship shooter with first person and third person views, which you chose.
Dreams: A game where you can create mini-games | dreams

Anyway, I was super curious to find out more about this game for creating games and its endless possibilities. Dreams, however, is only available for Playstation 4 and is currently in early access, you can purchase it from the Playstation store by clicking here

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