Dying Light 2 for Nintendo Switch to be released via cloud

In addition to the Platinum Edition, Techland will release a digital version of Dying Light 2 for Nintendo Switch

Besides Platinum edition, you can also play Dying Light 2 for Nintendo Switch. During Nintendo Direct, which took place last Thursday (23), Techland announced, in addition to the release date of Dying Light Platinum Edition, the arrival of Dying Light 2 Stay Human for Nintendo Switch, which is different from the versions for others consoles, will arrive via the cloud and will be released simultaneously with the other platforms on February 4, 2022.

Switch players will soon be able to master parkour skills and combat tactics as they learn to survive in a brutal open world in this long-awaited action RPG. Dying Light 2 uses cloud streaming technology, requires a Nintendo account and fast, consistent broadband. The game will not be available in all countries, so please check the Nintendo eShop details for availability in your region.

Survive Dying Light 2 for Nintendo Switch

Dying Light 2 Stay Human is an open-world action-RPG game, sequel to the acclaimed Dying Light, released in 2015, which has been played by over 20 million people worldwide. This time, players will explore The City – humanity's last stronghold in the fight against the virus. Parkour mechanics allow players to explore the vast open world and use it in tactical combat.

The destroyed civilization and modern dark age world scene demand a creative approach to finding items and crafting equipment. Gameplay changes during a day and night cycle, so players can dare to pillage the abandoned lairs of the infected at night and uncover the dark secrets of those in power during the day. Players must choose the side they want to follow and write their own story.

Dying light 2 for nintendo switch
Dying Light 2 for Nintendo Switch

About Techland

Founded in 1991 in Poland, Techland is a renowned developer and distributor of independent games for all major platforms including PC, Sony PlayStation and the Xbox family of devices. Techland is best known for the original Dead Island games, the Call of Juarez series and the Dying Light franchise, a global phenomenon played by over 20 million players to date.

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The studio has experienced teams that can work on two AAA titles at the same time. Comprised of over 400 professionals from three offices in Poland, the company is committed to providing unforgettable experiences and using the most advanced technology to deliver innovative entertainment, which includes the owner C-Engine. For more information about the company, visit the official website: www.techland.net.

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