Dying Light: Battle Aliens in New Low Gravity Event

Techland announced that the Low Gravity event can now be played in Dying Light. In it, it is necessary to prevent aliens from destroying the city of Harran. In addition, players can also purchase the Astronaut pack, which contains exclusive items and skins related to the event.

Dying light low gravity new event
Dying Light Low Gravity new event

Dying Light event

Low Gravity is an event in which players must protect the Earth from the invasion and influence of extraterrestrial beings. Unknown attackers have modified gravity, and this directly affects the behavior of players and enemies. During the event, heroes will be able to:

  • Jump higher than before;
  • Fall more slowly;
  • Avoid falling damage;
  • Use grappling hook to quickly pull yourself to the target.

Unknown cosmic forces also affected the infected. Like players, they will fall more slowly and will not take more falling damage. Also, an explosion or an attack dropkick they can hurl enemies to great heights.

The event will be accompanied by challenges, in which each player will receive a special prize for completing them. By defeating 100 enemies at the event location, it will be possible to rescue the V-27 Chameleon (Golden) machete, while in the global challenge, participants will receive 3 King upgrades when 100 million Infected are defeated.

Players will also see up close how the aliens affect Harran, and will have the chance to find a destroyed alien ship, among other secrets. The Low Gravity event will be available until 15pm on September 1st.

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Along with the event, Techland prepared for players the Astronaut pack, which features unique weapons and skins. It was created to help heroes defend the earth in the new battle conditions dictated by the aliens. The bundle has the following items and modifications:

  • Laser Rifle – V-23 Eraser – with laser ammo and chance to burn enemies;
  • Immobilization Weapon – The V-40 Suspender – immobilizes enemies with every shot;
  • Machete – V-27 Shifter – the effect changes after several consecutive blows;
  • Suit – V-9 Defender Suit – reduces damage from falls;
  • Buggy skin – V-39 Star Rover.

The Astronaut pack is available for sale on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.