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Expansion earn extra quests, potions and arsenal locations in the fantasy DLC of Dying Light

Techland announced that Hellraid, fantasy DLC, is now receiving brand new content that adds an extra section to the map and a challenging mission that unlocks a new magical ability Dying Light. Players can now download the update on all platforms.

Players will venture into an all-new section of the map at The Mysterious Portal to face the challenge of a difficult quest that offers the rewards of a new weapon and skill: magic. To obtain this reward, players must complete the quest in a single match, as the quest will restart in case all lives are lost. Upon completing the mission, players will receive the Fire Wand, a magical weapon that shoots fireballs and ignites enemies, in addition to the Wand Mastery skill.

dying light magic skill
Dying Light

There will also be three new potions to help players on their quest: the Potion of Endurance, the Potion of Power and the Potion of Speed, which will reduce enemy damage, increase melee damage by up to 100% and double the speed of movement, respectively.

Dying Light's Magic Ability and New Quests

Additionally, the content update will add another environment to the Armory, which will only be available to players who have completed the Imprisonment side mission. This area will be used to display the weapons players can unlock as they progress through Hellraid. In addition, Techland will also release a patch for Be The Zombie mode. Update details can be found here.
Dying Light: Hellraid is a completely new game mode for Dying Light based on Techland's Hellraid. It is available for purchase now for PC and consoles. For more information about games, visit Dying Light e Dying Light: Hellraid.

About Techland

Founded in 1991 in Poland, Techland is a renowned developer and distributor of independent games for all major platforms including PC, Sony PlayStation and the Xbox family of devices. Techland is best known for the original Dead Island games, the Call of Juarez series and the Dying Light franchise, a global phenomenon played by over 20 million players to date.

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The studio has experienced teams that can work on two AAA titles at the same time. Comprised of over 400 professionals from three offices in Poland, the company is committed to providing unforgettable experiences and using the most advanced technology to deliver innovative entertainment, which includes the owner C-Engine. For more information about the company, visit the official website.

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