Dying Light unveils The Next Level of Freedom manifesto on Nintendo Switch

The Next Level of Freedom is based on the "freedom - parkour - combat" rules. read, learn and survive

Techland presents the four most important principles that must be followed to survive in a devastated world. Dying Light Unveils Manifest The Next Level of Freedom is based on “freedom – parkour – combat” rules, Techland invites players to join The Next Level of Freedom movement to take over city streets with Dying Light.

Agnesa Belegu, design lead for Dying Light, says: “We've been imagining Dying Light on the Nintendo Switch for a long time. Getting into the flow of parkour and exploring our mortal world has never been more exciting. Switch's flexibility helps you immerse, makes you feel physically involved, with visceral movements and combat enhanced by the dynamics of tactile feedback and motion control.”

A manifest in the form of a short animation is available here. See the main principles:

#1 The world is open

#2 Combat is creative

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#3 retreating is brave

#4 Movement is unlimited

The release of Dying Light Platinum Edition for Nintendo Switch will emphasize the freedom and accessibility of playing a AAA title on the go. Join the other survivors on Discord, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

Dying Light reveals manifest. Read with attention

First-person action survival game set in a post-apocalyptic open world invaded by meat-hungry zombies. Travel through a city devastated by a mysterious virus outbreak. Search for supplies, create weapons and face hordes of the Infected. Dying Light was published in 2015 and has been played by over twenty million people around the world.

From the creators of hit titles Dead Island and Call of Juarez. Winner of over 50 industry awards and nominations. The game whose uncompromising approach to gameplay sets new standards for first-person zombie games. It still supports new content and free community events years after release.

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Dying light reveals manifest
World is open. So run!

About Techland

Founded in 1991 in Poland, Techland is a renowned developer and distributor of independent games for all major platforms including PC, Sony PlayStation and the Xbox family of devices. Techland is best known for the original Dead Island games, the Call of Juarez series and the Dying Light franchise, a global phenomenon played by over 20 million players to date.

The studio has experienced teams that can work on two AAA titles at the same time. Comprised of over 400 professionals from three offices in Poland, the company is committed to providing unforgettable experiences and using the most advanced technology to deliver innovative entertainment, which includes the owner C-Engine. For more information about the company, visit the official website.

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