Watch a teaser of the upcoming EVERSPACE 2 star system

Scheduled for release in June/July, the dangerous Drake star system is described by ROCKFISH Games developers as the largest star system ever created for the space fairing RPG

Independent studio AA ROCKFISH Games has shared its early access plans for 2022 for its acclaimed space looter shooter, EVERSPACE 2. works towards its launch in early 2022.

“After more than three years of hard work, EVERSPACE 2 launched an Early Access rocket launch to the top of the Steam global charts in January, selling three times as many copies as its predecessor in the first week. The game got 91% positive reviews right away, and after two major content packs, it's now 94% positive,” said Michael Schade, CEO and co-founder.

“But the best is yet to come! We're going to work hard with an ambitious 2022 roadmap to maintain our leading position in the combat and space exploration genre and deliver a solid product with full launch in early 2023.”

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Watch the teaser trailer for EVERSPACE 2 2021/2022 here!

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New EVERSPACE 2 star system comes with new story

The first update, scheduled for spring, adds a third light fighter subclass, improved creation, trading and resource gathering/processing, new equipment, new story content, new perks and more challenges. This update will also include user interface and text language support for German, French, Italian, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Polish, Czech, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Japanese and Korean so the EVERSPACE 2 international community can join in the fun .

This summer, EVERSPACE 2 will receive its biggest update, adding the massive Drake Star System to the list of areas that daring pilots can explore. Set in a cluster full of natural extremes, three opposing factions struggle for dominance over the rich resources of the Drake system. Pilots will have to keep a low profile so that they don't get caught in the crossfire and, at the same time, don't become victims of the hostile environment. New planetary locations present new dangers – players will have to avoid lava geysers on Planet Mota and dive deep to find underwater treasures on water planet Gilbert, among other exciting and deadly locations to come.

The autumn update will also feature a lot of endgame content. Daring pilots will be able to venture into Ancient Rifts, where they will face new challenges while hunting for legendary gear. These cracks will feature high risk/reward mechanics known for popular marauder titles, but with a twist in space.

everspace star system 2
ever space 2

EVERSPACE 2 is currently available on Steam, GOG and Microsoft Store, and is slated for release on Xbox and PlayStation consoles when the full game ships in early 2023.

Join the ROCKFISH Games team this Friday to see the content of their latest EVERSPACE 2 dev build on the ROCKFISH Games Twitch and YouTube channel from 20:00pm to 22:00pm CET / 14:00pm to 16:00pm ET / 11:00am to 13:00pm PT. Viewers still have the chance to ask questions directly to various members of the development team, while CEO and co-founder Michael Schade is almost always moderating both chats.

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EVERSPACE 2 continues the story of Adam Roslin from the first part of the series. EVERSPACE 2 currently has three star systems that can be freely explored by space pilots. Players experience Adam's emotional journey and personal development from an immortal clone space pilot to an individual character whose death has ultimate consequences in an open-world action RPG. EVERSPACE 2 offers in the current early-access version over 35 hours of gameplay and already contains all the basic mechanics of the targeted final version.

EVERSPACE 2 can be purchased on Steam here and GOG here. Full version for PC, including native Mac and Linux support as well as Xbox e PlayStation, will be released at a reasonably high price in early 2023 and will come with user interface and text language support for German, French, Italian, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Polish, Czech, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Japanese and Korean.

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