Facebook Gaming: App officially launched

Facebook, everyone's favorite social network, has launched an application designed to tackle the main streaming platforms that already exist: Twitch, Mixer and YouTube. The Facebook Gaming app was expected later this year, but escaped earlier.

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facebook gaming
Facebook Gaming: App officially released | facebook | Facebook Gaming

Facebook Gaming already existed as a website and within the main Facebook application itself, but as of today you can download it on your phone and watch streamers doing their thing on a much smaller screen.

To access it, you will need a Facebook account, but it is autonomous; therefore, at least you can watch some streams without also being forced to see that your friends are posting things about conspiracy theory, politics or cute animals.

In addition to following streamers and engaging in heated debates with other viewers, you can also play the Facebook game library directly from the app. It also facilitates mobile streaming, allowing players to view the live gameplay of mobile games without further effort.

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What are most people watching on Facebook Gaming?

At the moment, there are many people watching Age of Empires and American Truck Simulator; Although the app highlights its games in Modern Warfare, GTA 5, PUBG and Fortnite, despite the flows in question having smaller numbers. Thanks, algorithm.

Facebook says it will not use ads to support the app, but rather a cut of streamers, although the Play Store still claims it "contains ads".

Facebook Gaming is now available for devices Android, with the iOS version coming soon.

It is also worth remembering that other streaming platforms also have their apps, so it was a great step taken by Facebook to be able to compete on equal terms with its competitors.

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