Fall Guys: Season 2 will start next week

Fall Guys' inaugural season is coming to an end and it was a huge success. The large number of players that we saw at the launch of the game decreased a little, but certainly the game still has several very loyal players that continue to occupy their space on the company's large server Mediatonic!

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What will Fall Guys season 2 be like?

When saying goodbye to the season, don't worry, as Fall Guys' 2nd season is prepared and ready to take its place. The second season of the game will arrive with a medieval theme, and you will be able to make your beans look like a sorcerer, warrior, and many others!

Fall guys season 2

The second season will arrive on October 8th and with it comes new rounds, more customization options, a lot more crowns distributed as progress rewards, lots and lots of costumes and 'party drop', which can solve one of my biggest problems with game: fall down first and get stuck waiting for my friends to finish.

On October 5th, Fall Guys will start throwing fame at you. With double fame, you should have an easier time reaching the maximum level of 40 before the end of the first season, and you will be able to try until the beginning of season 2. I haven't arrived yet, so I think I'll be gone next week for try, hehe.

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