Fall Guys will use Fortnite anti-cheat

Fall Guys has become one of the most popular games of recent times, and like other high-profile titles like Fortnite, it has problems with cheating players. The developer Mediatonic has commented on the situation in the capricious Battle Royale game, and it looks like things could improve soon, as Fall Guys will now be adopting the same anti-cheat tools as Fortnite.

Fall Guys players have found ways to stick to walls, run faster and float to gain an advantage. The developers are working as quickly as possible to deal with the cheats in Fall Guys.

“Cheating and other hacks to increase performance take everyone's pleasure and we are actively working to resolve this now”

Said the developer.

Fall Guys currently does not have a player reporting feature in the game, this is certainly something that players want and will likely be implemented in the future.

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Fall guys will use anti-cheat from fortnite
Fall Guys will use Fortnite's anti-cheat | epic, fall guys, fortnite | Fortnite anti-cheat

Fall Guys has short matches and easy-to-understand mechanics, it is by far the most accessible and welcoming Battle Royale so far, its flashy colors and varied game modes do a good job of keeping the player stuck, even if some don't like the game very much be less competitive and serious than most.

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Added Fortnite anti-cheat on Fall Guys

Fall Guys will use the same Fortnite anti-cheat, Easy Anti-Cheat, which is also used by Apex Legends, Rust and many other games. It may not completely eliminate cheaters, just as no anti-cheat seems to be able to do that completely, but cheating reduction is already a big help, especially since there is no reporting system in the game.

Easy anti-cheat is used by many popular games
Easy Anti-Cheat is used by many popular games

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I particularly loved the game, very fun, I end up not focusing much of my free time on it because of the amount of cheaters and profiteers, practically one in every four games has cheats. The game is a lot of fun, especially with friends, it's worth it, I believe in the potential of the game, even more with the next fix updates and new content.

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What do you think of the addition of anti-cheat in Fall Guys?

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