Fallout 76 launches free update “Wastelanders”

First of all, the Fallout 76 game has received a lot of criticism from its release to the present moment; However, Bethesda has been trying to redeem itself with its consumers and last Tuesday (14) launched DLC Wastelanders; A free DLC that includes NPCs, quests, classic dialogues and more. The update is now available for play on Playstation 4, Xbox One, Bethesda Launcher and Steam.

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History of Wastelanders

Players will join forces with the evil invaders or form alliances with the hopeful settlers in search of secrets hidden in the mountains of West Virginia. Therefore, people are not the only ones who have returned - face terrifying new creatures with new weapons and armor. Finally the Appalachian mysteries are waiting to be unearthed and it is up to the players to determine their role in the race for control. (Via: Communication)

So, as some of the new content for Wastelanders we have:

  • Allies: Some special human NPCs will offer you daily activities and etc. to increase your progression.
  • Reputation system: Already in previous games in the Fallout franchise, the reputation system gives greater weight to your decisions and choices in the game. The more the players help a certain faction with information, taking down enemies, doing quests; The more your reputation in that faction will improve
  • New Events - Wastelanders will add two entirely new events to Fallout 76: Á Queima-Roupas and Radioactive Discovery. The new events bring truly unique challenges to the game and to the Appalachians.
  • Bug fixes - Wastelanders will also include new content and bug fixes, along with many important improvements to the game
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About Fallout 76

In Fallout 76: Wastelanders, people are returning to West Virginia. Two factions are vying for the advantage as West Virginia's secrets are revealed. The Inhabitants came after a new home, and the Invaders came to explore them. Embark on a new mission for the Supervisor, forge new alliances with rival factions and uncover the truth of what lies hidden in the mountains.

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