Felipe Neto's Hacked Channel

In honor of the 11 years of youtuber and influencer on the platform, Felipe Neto's team plays the fat Sonic mod.

We have seen the face of Felipe Neto Rodrigues Vieira on youtube for 11 years, since he started with his controversial videos in the old “Não Faz Sentido” until today with his channel, currently with 41 million subscribers and aimed at a youth audience and teenager. To celebrate this date, Bruno Correia and the rest of the channel team made a video imitating the presenter while playing the fat Sonic mod.

In the video, team members play sonic 2 XL, a modified game from the famous Sonic The Hedgehog 2, where the character saw gaining weight with each collected ring. If the character becomes very obese, he stops running and dies. Presenter Bruno makes a point of reinforcing that, despite the game, Felipe Neto no longer plays with the weight of people.

Felipe Neto “Don't Make Sense”

The youtuber started in 2010, commenting on everyday matters in a comic and aggressive tone, playing a character disgusted with various aspects of pop culture and youth behavior, even being offensive to some groups and tribes. One of the most successful videos was his critique of the book Twilight, by Sthepanie Meyer, which was being adapted for the cinema and was a huge success.

He worked at Canal Multishow and Globo Esporte, participating in opinionated and humorous pictures. He released books and gained notoriety by participating in the 2014 YouPix Festival. He also produced several pictures of humor through his production company, Parafernalha, including the special A Toca, for Netflix.

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In 2017, together with his brother Luccas Neto, he started producing content for children, with the assistance of pedagogues and psychologists, turning his attention to producing content for this audience. One of the most iconic cases was the “Nutella bathtub” where Luccas entered wearing only a swim trunks and took a bath in the candy.

“I ended up being inserted in the children's world thanks to the success of my brother, Luccas Neto, with children. It turned into the biggest childhood fever in the history of Brazil since Xuxa. Although my majority audience is always teenagers and adults, children started watching me without having prepared for it, so I had to learn while I was doing it.

In the beginning, mistakes were made, advertising campaigns that could have been avoided or done differently, but I was learning and evolving. There is no college for creating content for children, I had to learn by doing. (…) That's why I always make the challenge: if you think my channel is a bad influence on any level, I challenge you to watch for a week and keep the opinion.”Felipe neto

YouTuber is also known for its social actions on behalf of charities and other YouTubers. Its influence was used during 2019 to help the “Feliz Natal Brumadinho” project, organized by the NGO “Na Ação”, a project focused on helping children affected by the collapse of a dam in Brumadinho.

In March 2020, Felipe Neto announced that if he wins the lawsuit against Deputy Carlos Jordy, he will allocate compensation to Instituto Marielle Franco.

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The controversies of Felipe Neto

In addition to Youtube, Felipe Neto is known for his controversies in other media and social networks. In 2019, after the attempted censorship by the ex-mayor of Rio de Janeiro, Marcelo Crivella, a pastor and politician linked to the Universal Church, try to ban the Marvel comic “A Children's Crusade” from the biennial, for showing a homosexual kiss between the characters Wiccano and Hulkiling, youtuber bought a huge amount of books with LBGTQA + theme and distributed it free of charge to all those present at the fair.

Felipe grandson
Book packed in dark plastic, as determined by the mayor

There are also accusations of sexual harassment against children and prosecutions against him, and so far, he has not been found guilty in any of them. Most of these lawsuits are filed by supporters and members of the government of President Jair Bolsonaro, to whom Felipe Neto does not spare criticism. Many of these processes are based on old lines, both inside and outside the context, of the youtuber in your old videos and tweets.

Currently, during the Covid-19 pandemic, Felipe was heavily criticized for being seen at a football match despite being a strong supporter of social isolation and lockdown. Another moment that caused controversy was in relation to the site Chess.com when he was accused of using cheats to climb the ranks of players on the site.

So, it's up to us to congratulate you on your 11 years of career and wish youtuber continued success. So, do you enjoy Felipe Neto's work? What are the youtubers you usually watch? You are subscribed to the Youtube channel of Married Games? Tell us in the comments and read more about the Youtube on the site!

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