Felix the Reaper arrives on October 17th

First of all, Felix The Reaper, adventure game and full puzzle about a dancing agent of death. It will be released on October 17, 2019 for Xbox One, PlayStation®4, Nintendo Switch, Windows PC and Mac via Steam.

The announcement came during Microsoft's latest Inside Xbox, which also featured Felix The Reaper as part of the Game Pass subscription system for Xbox One, as well as Xbox Game Pass Ultimate on the day of its launch.

Felix The Reaper is a romantic comedy and 3D puzzle game in which players alter events to end the lives of humans under orders from the Ministry of Death. Like all reapers, Felix can only move in the shadows, but luckily he can change the direction of the sun and move objects in a snap to create safe passages through increasingly diabolical scenarios. Each destination fulfilled takes Felix one step closer to his heart's desire: Betty, the maiden of the Ministry of Life. This surprising and eccentric adventure stars original songs by several independent musicians, as well as an intricate database with the representation of death through art throughout history.

Felix the reaper arrives on October 17th | inenginescreenshot felix the reaper 05 sep 2019 | married games news | felix the reaper
Felix the Reaper arrives on October 17th | Felix The Reaper

Main highlights of Felix The Reaper:

  • An incredible and original puzzle adventure with unique and challenging gameplay that takes place in a beautifully colored and horribly sweet world.
  • Dance through 20 stages of the story, with the addition of the hardcore difficulty level that creates variants in each stage and unlockable racing bonuses against time.
  • Play as Felix, a lovable reaper with the heart of a dancer.
  • Choose your songs on Felix's Walkman, with a variety of musicians and indie artists.
  • Watch Felix dance with exquisite movements created by professional dancers.
  • Experience a fantastic world inspired by a collection of 1.000 years of art and storytelling about Death across multiple cultures.

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