Free Final Fantasy VII demo arrives on PS4

The Demo

Final Fantasy is, first of all, a franchise that takes the most passionate fans crazy with the great remake of Final Fantasy VII and today (March 02, 2020) Square Enix has released a free demo of the game in the Playstation store for any player who interested in playing it

The Demo will be available until November 05, 2020, but all players who try the Demo received an exclusive game skin at the official launch.

Final Fantasy VII free demo arrives on PS4 | demo

The remake will be divided into different episodes, but Square Enix promises that each part will have enough content to be considered a separate complete game. The combat system will put aside turn battles to focus more on the action.

Final Fantasy VII Remake is scheduled to launch on April 10, 2020, on PlayStation 4. The game will be released later for other platforms.

About Final Fantasy VII

The game world is similar to that of Final Fantasy VI; in which it is much more technologically advanced than in the first five games in the series.

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In general, technology and society are similar to the social environment of industrial or post-industrial science fiction.

The world of Final Fantasy VII is called in-game simply “the Planet”; however it was retroactively named Gaia and is made up of three main continental masses.

The eastern continent is where the city of Midgar is located; an industrial metropolis that serves as the capital and houses the headquarters of the Shinra Electric Power Company; a powerful energy company that even operates as the true government of the world.

Other places on the eastern continent include Junon, a Shinra military base; Fort Kondor, a fortification that hides a Mako reactor; a chocobo ranch, where different types of animals can be raised; [11] and Kalm, a village near Midgar.

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But also, access the official page of Final Fantasy VII

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