Final Fantasy VII Remake on BGS

How to talk about Final Fantasy VII Remake without being a silly fan? I have been asking this question since the moment I left the Playstation Stand at BGS.

The game has several things that I liked and some that left me slightly intrigued about how they will work in the full version of the game, but come on

Final fantasy vii remake

Final Fantasy VII Remake is beautiful

First, let's talk about the beautiful graphics of the game.

Everything is very beautiful, even if it is just a scenario with factory foundries, everything is detailed with a very reliable air environment.

My only caveat in this part (And the thing that bothered me a little about gameplay) is Cloud's hair. It seems that a technique of individual wires was used for the composition, however during the gameplay it seemed very artificial and strange to the eyes

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Final fantasy vii remake


The combat system of the game is so fluid that it scared me at first. With a basic combat that can be interspersed with classic elements of turn-based rpg with the simple press of a button, and can also switch characters directly by arrows

This allows for a quick change of angle so that we can do things in a faster and simpler way.

In Demo, Final Fantasy VII Remake focused on placing a bomb on a machine

To do this, we faced some creatures and soldiers as we headed towards our goal until we met a boss who had several stages of struggle.

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And so?

Finally, Final Fantasy VII looks very promising and has that nostalgia, but redesigned in a new way to amuse nostalgic and newcomers. A big step for Square Enix and a great adventure for players.

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