How to find and set fire traps in Fortnite

One of week 3's challenges requires players to set fire traps. Here is a guide on how to complete this secret challenge and earn a lot of XP for your battle pass.

Fortnite chapter 2 season 4 week 3 challenges were released on Thursday at regular hours. As always, there are a total of seven challenges for players to complete. One challenge, how to eliminate Iron Man, provides players with 50.000 XP, while the other challenges provide 25.000 standard XP.

Players who want to level up as quickly as possible to unlock all the cosmetics of the battle pass, as well as unlock all the challenges of awakening, can complete the secret challenges, punch cards and collect XP coins.

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Setting fire traps in Fortnite

Fire traps were added to Fortnite in the v14.00 patch update. They are of unusual rarity and can be found in chests, such as floor loot and Loot Llamas. Fire traps will fire fireballs that will create fire in the collision with an object.

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Fire traps were added to fortnite in the v14 patch update. 00
How to Find and Place Fire Traps in Fortnite | epic games store, fortnite | fire traps

The amount of damage that fire traps cause on impact to players is 50 and they have a 7 second cooldown. Then, when a fire trap goes off, it will take 7 seconds before being able to shoot fireballs again.

A quick way to complete this challenge would be to land in a large location where players will not land. When you're on the battle bus, look for a distant location with a good loot. You will probably easily find 3 fire traps to set in order to complete this challenge.

You can also join a Tumult Team game and just go after the falling items. You should almost always catch a fire trap with supply items and there are a lot of supply items that fall on Team Tumulto, especially at the end of a game. It is probably best to take three and then place three walls and place all the fire traps.

Fortunately, this challenge does not require players to deal damage with a fire trap, as it would be much more difficult to complete. However, players simply need to set a fire trap three times to complete the challenge. You can do this in a single game, but it is possible and simple to complete in just one game.

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