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Fling to the Finish , the befriend (or destroy) coop game where you literally can't part with your partner, has received an explosive new update. Fling to the Finish is available at Early Access on Steam, where you can check out the gameplay in a free demo.

In Fling to the Finish, adorable and bouncy characters are tied together by a bungee cord and race through colorful levels with nasty traps and difficult courses, where you have to work together to get to the finish line first. In the new Bomb Run mode, you have to put your skills to the test and navigate the course while using a bomb that weighs you down. Can you complete the course before time runs out and you're blasted into colorful pieces? The new Bomb Run mode can be unlocked in campaign mode by completing previous challenges like Duck Hunt or UFO Race.

Fling to the Finish Demo and Major Update

The update also adds two new unlockable characters, including different skins for them: Play as a adorably old-fashioned (and bouncy) TV or as a super fast car. Players who want to check out Fling to the Finish before purchasing it can now play the free demo on Steam. For more information, follow SplitSide Games on Facebook, the Fling to the Finish channel on Twitter or check out the official Steam page.

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Fling to the finish demo
Fling to the Finish

About SplitSide Games

SplitSide Games is a small team of student developers at Drexel University. When they're not in class, they spend all their free time working on their debut title: Casting to the End.
SplitSide's goal is to create games that make people interact in new and engaging ways, both inside and outside the games they create.

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