Vigor is available for Nintendo Switch

Bohemia Interactive announced that the Nintendo Switch version of Vigor is now available. The postwar Norway sniper is available in the form of the Founder's Pack, which is available for purchase at eShop until the free launch later this year. Therefore, the package offers early access to Outlands, exclusive content and in-game crowns.

Vigor is now available for switch
Vigor is available for Nintendo Switch | Force

Players can go straight to the Nintendo eShop now to purchase Vigor and receive exclusive Founder's Pack rewards. The Switch version includes the last season of content: Warlords. As well as a new game mode in war-torn Norway, new players will be able to play with the 4,5 million Outlanders who have already tried the game on Xbox thanks to cross-play.

What is Vigor? It is a free shooting game, where you build your shelter in postwar Norway. Over 4.500.000 players have jumped into the beautiful (but deadly) Farlands so far.

  • Shoot and loot in a deadly encounter
  • Build your shelter and vital equipment
  • Challenge others in various game modes
  • Play alone or in a group


In a world devastated by the aftermath of the last great war, Norway has become humanity's last great bastion now known as the Outlanders. You must survive as one of the only surviving remnants of a devastated world. Fight, loot, maintain your shelter and be smart to survive your new hostile adventure.

So Vigor is an online game, third person, multiplayer shooting and loot, exclusive to Xbox One, with unpredictable challenges to be overcome when competing with other Outlanders for precious resources. Then face (or work with) another player, plunder resources, fight and fight against air strikes and escape to the safety of your shelter, where you will create upgrades and level up before returning to the battlefield.

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