Vigor: Survival game comes to Switch

Vigor - Nintendo Switch players will be able to play Vigor for free in late 2020; but Outlanders can become a founder and enjoy this immersive multiplayer experience this summer.

But last week's closed beta for Vigor was a successful test on Nintendo Switch and; Bohemia Interactive is now proud to announce that Vigor will be available for the first time on the platform through the Founder's Pack this summer.

The Switch version of Vigor will be released for free in late 2020.

Vigor: survival game hits the switch | 7 | married games news | force

Based on the closed beta version of the Nintendo Switch, the team works hard on the improvements and fixes that emerged from player feedback.

The Vigor beta

The progress there and the test results are the reasons why the team confidently grants early access to Switch players this summer through the Founder's Pack.

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The $ 20 package includes $ 40 in game currency, along with a special outfit, hat and gesture that sets them apart from the hustle and bustle of the Outlanders that will arrive on the Switch in late 2020.

Vigor: survival game hits the switch | 7 | married games news | force

More than 16.000 players played Vigor during the Nintendo Switch closed beta. They captured more than 8.000 airdrops and 252 of them managed to be inexplicably crushed by airdrops. The Vigor da Bohemia team thanks all the Outlanders who participated and gave feedback on Facebook, Discord and the evaluation form.

Vigor: survival game hits the switch | 7 | married games news | force

About Vigor

At first, in a world devastated by the aftermath of the last great war, Norway became the last great bastion of humanity now known as the Outlanders.

You must survive as one of the only living remnants of a world in shambles - Fight, loot; keep your shelter and be smart to survive your new landscape, but with the hostile environment.

Vigor is a third-person, multiplayer, shooter and loot online game, exclusive to Xbox One; with unpredictable challenges to overcome when competing with other Outlanders for precious resources.

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Take on (or work with) another player, plunder resources; fight air strikes and escape to the safety of your Shelter, where you will create upgrades and level up before you return to the battlefield.

Anyway, access the official game page, but also access more news

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