Fortnite has season 3 leaked by Sony

The third season of Fortnite has been postponed again, delaying the release until June 11, but it seems that someone from Sony did not receive the warning. The PS Store page displayed an icon updated yesterday; now gone, with the bus floating over the ocean, with a small desert island in the background.

The third season of fortnite has been postponed again, delaying its release until June 11

Although no details accompany the changed art briefly; he supports theories that the island is about to get a lot wetter with the next big update. Technically, this may already be happening, as players have been seeing puddles popping up for a month.

These puddles are just the tip of the iceberg; with these new features from the possible loading screen and leaking underwater animations, some things make sense now.

Epic's plans for a flood may even go back to a lively short from last year that also features the bus floating on water; as well as a desert island that looks a lot like the new image, even the shape of the three trees.

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The game is nearing the end of its second season. The next season is scheduled for June 11th. Keep an eye on the site, as soon as we have more news about the new season we will let you know. You can download Fortnite from the site from Epic Games.

Did you know that in China the Epic Games and Tencent stores put a limit on 3 hours daily; where, if the player spends that time, his progress system deactivates and all winnings in the game are reduced by 50%.

Warzone also had season postponed

At first the next season of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone, was also postponed. The official Twitter account for Call of Duty made the announcement today, writing that "now is not the time"; the launch was scheduled for June 4.

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