Fortnite Patch 13.30: Check out what's new in the update

Fortnite's Patch 13.30 was long awaited for Epic Games Battle Royale players. However, it ended up bringing little news. The main highlights of the update are due to the new versions of gas stations and the postponement of the inclusion of cars in the game. The patch is already live on PC, Xbox One, PS4, Switch and mobile servers.

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As expected, the new versions of the gas stations are scattered randomly across the map, and can be found in different locations. The gas stations look like they will serve in the future so that the cars can refuel and continue to function normally.

Speaking of which, all cars that were in the game as simple objects have been removed. This is probably related to the possibility of directing them in the future, which was planned for this update, but it did not happen.

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Finally, there was also an update to the game's HUD tool for mobile phones, in addition to adding more modes for a limited time. Among them are: “Time for change!”, “Take it!” and “Tiro Certeiro”, in addition to a new challenge in the new locations revealed and another to be done as a team. Also remembering that this is the last week to finish the “Manda-Chuva” challenge. Check it out on the Fortnite website

Check out the bugs that were fixed in Fortnite Patch 13.30

Fortnite patch 13. 30 car
Fortnite Patch 13.30: Check out what's new in the update | Fortnite patch 13.30

Battle Royale

  • Delivery of Supplies cannot be opened at the Authority.
  • Floating rings may not be visible on platforms with lower configurations.
  • Black rectangles appear behind the player when turning around in the Storm.
  • Players are unable to glide correctly near the Authority.

save the world

  • Problem in the animation of the Mandar Tábua.
  • Ammunition is consumed when a weapon is discarded and collected again


  • Player names are cut in the voice chat in the social menu.

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