Fortnite Season 4 will feature Thor and other Marvel characters

After many weeks of rumors about Fortnite Season 4, suspiciously familiar skins and tweets from dataminers, Epic has finally confirmed that a Fortnite x Thor crossover is coming. Judging by the date seen in the Epic tweet from the official Fortnite Twitter account, Thor's crossover will likely be one of the biggest attractions of season 4, just as Aquaman was for season 3.

Epic is preparing to launch Fortnite Season 4 later this month. Amid a ongoing legal battle with Apple and Google, the studio began promoting teasers for the upcoming season, including a major Marvel Comics role.

Epic revealed that Fortnite Season 4 will begin on August 27, 2020. The studio confirmed the release date in a post about Free Fortnite. This tournament is another move that aims to put pressure on Apple and Google, both by offering exclusive prizes and by encouraging players to send feedback on the platform. The tournament will be held on Sunday, August 23.

Since the start of the legal dispute between Epic and the mobile windows of Apple and Google, Epic has used the imminent launch of Season 4 to gather its player base and complain about removing the game from its store. This indicated that the launch was not far off, but the company only recently announced exactly when.

What to expect from Fortnite Season 4

Epic did not detail exactly what to expect from Season 4, but it launched on the air that it will have major stakes. A Twitter post shows the Marvel brand, along with what appear to be Thor's sparkling eyes and golden hair visible in the logo. This is supported by the tweet itself, which displays a hammer, lightning and rainbow emoji and all symbols associated with the character.

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Another collaboration with Marvel makes sense. Fortnite has already incorporated several Marvel Comics characters into its game, such as Thanos in the launch of Infinity War to the recent addition of the popular (and highly censored) Deadpool.

Epic's announcement is very light in detail, except for the date that seems to confirm when season 4 is starting.

Captain america back for fortnite season 4
Will Captain America be back for Fortnite Season 4?

Thor is far from the first Marvel crossover to appear in Fortnite. Only this season, players were able to buy a Captain America skin, despite the third season being focused on the Aquaman cast and the announcement of a Joker and Poison Ivy skin pack.

The rumors about Thor's skin started in July, when Captain America appeared in Fortnite across the rainbow Bifrost bridge from Thor's universe. Several months later, dataminers found files indicating that a comic book would appear somewhere on the Fortnite lobby menu, along with rumors that the X-Men Wolverine could also join Fortnite at some point.

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The HypeX dataminer, which has a reliable history of supplying leaks, agreed after Epic's Thor announcement with some additional details.

For now what we have details about Fortnite Season 4 is this, we are sure that soon Epic will reveal more details about the new season of the game. Download Fortnite here.

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