Fortnite Shadow Safe House: Check out the guide with locations

Fortnite today had its new update 12.61 and brought with it some other challenges before Season 2 ended and Season 3 came next month. Storm The Agency's challenges are now active, and in one of the missions you have to eliminate some enemies in Fortnite in the Shadow Safe House at points hidden on the map. So we decided to make this guide to help you find hiding places and eliminate enemies.

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Where are the Shadow Safe House on the Fortnite map?

Although many do not know, in Fortnite, Shadow Safe House has been part of the map since the beginning of the second season, but, as they are "safe houses", it ends up being very difficult to find them without looking for them. At first, they all look exactly like normal houses on the outside, but inside, you will be completely sure you will be in a safe house. But, be careful, the houses have many enemy NPCs that will be ready to kill you. THE Gamespot made a guide where he marked the locations of the Safehouses on the map. Anyway, here is the map:

Fortnite map with shadow safe house locations

  • Pleasant park
  • Beach Cliff East
  • Clear South Coast
  • Middle of the island east of the Frenetic Farm
  • On the small island north of the City of the Cordillera

How to end the challenge

After going through the most difficult part of finding Shadow Safe House's, you just need to go to them and eliminate PvE enemies. To finish, just eliminate 1 enemy in at least 3 different Safehouses to complete. That is, you cannot fall into the same Safehouse twice in different matches.

About the end of the season

The game is finally coming to the end of its second season. The next season is scheduled for June 4th, that is, in 8 days from today (27).

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