Iron Man Stark Industries in Fortnite

In the v14.10 update, some changes were made around the map, some of which are the Iron Man Stark Industries. Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 4 is based on the Marvel universe and there have been some changes to the map that have been made since the beginning of the season to unite the Marvel and Fortnite universes. 

Tony Stark is the last Fortnite boss added to the game. Mr. Stark received not one, but two Mythic weapons that can only be obtained after he is eliminated, which can be a little tricky. In addition, after Dr. DOOM, Tony Stark is the second Marvel-themed boss who has received his own point of interest.

In the future, other Marvel characters will be added to the game. This includes Venom, Black Panther, Wolverine and Storm. While it remains to be seen whether any of these powerful superheroes will receive their own points of interest in Fortnite or not, but some mythical abilities have already leaked.

Check out the Iron Man Stark Industries trailer in Fortnite

Where to find Iron Man's Stark Industries in Fortnite

The location is at coordinates F3 and F4, and replaced Fazenda Frantic on the map. However, this is not the only change that the update has resulted in, but also some new features identified by Fortnite players. This includes the new zip lines that players can use to get from place to place and, of course, mythical weapons. 

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Location of iron man stark industries in fortnite
Iron Man's Stark Industries in Fortnite | epic games store, fortnite | Stark Industries

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Where to find Iron Man?

Due to the size of the point of interest, locating Tony Stark can be difficult. Iron Man can be found inside or around the main building at Stark Industries. The building has an impressive structure in white and red and is south of the point of interest. The same building has the Fortnite version of the Iron Man Mark 41 car, which is probably the fastest vehicle on the map so far.

Iron man car in fortnite
Iron Man's Stark Industries in Fortnite | epic games store, fortnite | Stark Industries

To get Iron Man's two Mythical Weapons, you need to eliminate the superhero. This can be very complicated, especially considering the effectiveness of his Lightning. However, if you protect yourself and attack between shots, then you will be able to defeat Mr. Tony Stark quite easily. 

Iron Man in Fornite
Iron Man's Stark Industries in Fortnite | epic games store, fortnite | Stark Industries

Players have previously complained that Fortnite bosses are too easy and Epic certainly made Iron Man a Fortnite boss much harder to defeat. Many have tried, but ended up being eliminated, both due to the fact that Iron Man is very strong and due to other aggressive players.

There are also half of the lobby players jumping in the Stark industries, which makes this challenge even more difficult.

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Have you managed to eliminate Iron Man and take your mythical weapons? 

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