Fortnite | SHIELD Quinjets is one of the challenges of Week 2

Now in Fortnite Chapter 2 the season 4 map is constantly changing. One of the challenges of Week 2 will require you to find SHIELD Quinjets in constant motion from Tony Stark to steal part of the Avengers' chests. The challenge is to look for SHIELD chests inside Quinjets.

This guide will show you how to complete this challenge simply and quickly.

Fortnite Season 4 will feature Thor and other Marvel characters

Week 2 Challenges | SHIELD Quinjets

The Quinjets for Fortnite week 2 challenges change locations with each game. You can see them flying when the battle bus starts to cross the map. Airplane icons will appear on the map as soon as you land. These are the locations of the Quinjets. Here is an example:

Quinjet location for fortnite week 2 challenges
Fortnite | Quinjets from SHIELD is one of the challenges of Week 2 | epic games store, fortnite | Week 2 Challenges

After arriving at Quinjet you will have several bots built by Tony Stark, drones carrying chests and rare spawns inside the plane itself. Land near a named location, grab an assault rifle or sniper rifle and head your way to one of the plane icons. Kill the bots from afar, it will be easier to eliminate them that way. It may not be quite right if you run to fight the five bots up close.

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Quinjet Fortnite
Fortnite | Quinjets from SHIELD is one of the challenges of Week 2 | epic games store, fortnite | Week 2 Challenges

After dealing with the bots, grab the chest inside the Quinjet and shoot the drones that are hovering nearby. Make sure to go to a Quinjet location as early as possible, as there are only a limited amount of items. Other players can get there first. You will need to open seven chests in total, but they do not need to be opened in the same game.

If you didn't do damage with Tony Stark's bot weapons, the Stark Industries energy rifle, try to get one of the energy rifles, so you can use it to complete another different weekly challenge.


You will get a fair amount of experience by opening the seven chests. This will help you level up and unlock the skins for all Marvel superheroes featured in the battle pass. Check out Official Site for more information on the battle pass.

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