Rocket League Season Four Begins

The fourth season of Rocket League starts today (11/08) with new cars and game modes. Know what's next

A fourth season Psyonix's Rocket League started. The new update was released today, 11/08, and prepared some news for the soccer carts. In addition to new vehicles, new arena, the game also brings some new limited time game modes to challenge players/runners. Season 3 Competitive ends on August 11th, and competitive rewards will be distributed after the start of Season 4.

Quick FAQ

When does Rocket League Season 4 start?

Day 11/08

What is Deadeye Canyon?

A new arena added in Season 4

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What is “Streamer Safe Music (Only)” mode?

It's a mode that disables or replaces copyrighted music

What is Psyonix doing against Rage quit?

It will be adding matching bans for players who abandon multiple casual matches.

See what's next in Rocket League Season Four

Raise Dust in Deadeye Canyon

Welcome to the new arena: Deadeye Canyon! See the new Arena in the teaser and get ready to fall into the dirt!

Expanded Competitive Tournaments

New Additional Tournaments have been added, and 2×2 and Extra Mode Tournaments also come into play in the new season. Be sure to follow the schedule every day to see what Extra Mode is being featured and what the new start times are. Also, Tournament Rewards have been updated for the new season! Gather your team and enter the key.

Here comes the MTLS

The Heatseeker 2×2 will kick off as the MTL featured on August 12th, the day after Season 4 goes live. So, stay tuned for a new MTL, titled Speed ​​Demon, on August 19th! Spring Mode, a Brawl variant that is currently a mutator option in Private Matches, will also be added to MTLs later this month.

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Heatseeker Mode makes the ball go straight towards the goal, if it doesn't hit or hit the grid behind the goal, it goes straight back towards the opponent's goal. Speed ​​Demon mode will use the Boomer Ball (it makes the ball move faster and respawn in less time). Full details of these new modes will be released to players near their release.

Features and Changes in This Update

Secure music feature for streamers

Good news for Rocket League streams: A new audio option to turn off copyright protected music will be added. This will help prevent content creators from having their streams or videos removed due to copyright infringement.

By checking the “Streamer Safe Music (Only)” box in Audio Settings, DMCA protected audios will be muted or replaced with free-to-use music. This setting will affect both Rocket League Radio and player anthems.

Fourth season of rocket league

Matchmaking Update for Ranked Matches

After the upgrade, players queuing in ranked match lists in an undersized group (a group of two players in the standard 3×3 Competitive, or a group of two players joining a standard 3×3 Tournament) will have to be within three Rankings of each other to join the queue. This is so that the third partner is found through a match and joins a team that has approximately the same Ranking as the other team members.

For example, if one party member is Platinum II and another is Diamond III (a difference of four Rankings), they cannot queue in the 3×3 pattern. However, if one is Platinum III and the other is Diamond III (a difference of three Rankings), they can join the queue. New players will only be allowed to queue up with players rated Gold III or lower if they are in an undersized group.

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This change does not take Ranking Divisions into account and does not affect groups of two players who want to join 2×2 queues, Casual Playlists or any Extra Mode Playlists.

New Measures Against Rage Quit

To prevent players from suddenly leaving Casual Matches, Psyonix has created new rules for abandoning matches and punishments. With the update, the possibility of withdrawing from Casual Matches will be added, as with Competitive Matches. If all players on a team vote in favour, the Casual Match will end, as if it were a Competitive Match.

With the addition of the fold option, we're also adding matching bans for players who abandon multiple casual matches. For players who leave Casual Matches only occasionally (eg power outage), there will be no penalty for leaving one casual match per day. However, bans will get longer as more Casual Matches are abandoned.

You can read more at official website from Psyonix on the update. Now leave in the comments: What did you think of the news from Season Four of Rocket League? Do you like any of the game modes? Contact us in the comments and enjoy and read more about Rocket League on our website.

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