Free Fire renovates basketball court in São Paulo to celebrate Booyah Day

The action was attended by Free Fire influencers last Saturday (27)

To celebrate Booyah Day, Free Fire promoted last Saturday (27), an action at Parque Raul Seixas, in the José Bonifácio neighborhood, in the East Zone of São Paulo. The park's court was completely renovated and decorated with Booyah Day elements, celebrating the end of the event at the Battle Royale. The space was completely rethought to ensure a better gaming experience for residents of the region, bringing more comfort and safety to users of the space.

Free fire basketball court makeover
Free Fire Basketball Court Makeover

Free Fire Basketball Court Makeover

The action seeks to encourage young people to pursue their dreams, whether through the Free Fire screens or on the basketball courts. The space created can be used for fun and games, but also for training for residents of the region, encouraging sports practices as a way to learn focus, discipline, sociability and teamwork. To debut the court, Free Fire influencers were invited to a basketball skills challenge. See more in the video.

The action also celebrates Leon, the latest character in the game, who is a college student focused on family and basketball. Despite his cheerful disposition and demeanor, Leon had a difficult childhood. Due to an accident when he was a kid, he has a mechanical leg, but instead of getting depressed, Leon started training, which made him stronger. This drive to try the impossible is a huge inspiration for everyone at Free Fire during the Booyah! Day celebrations. 

Battle In Style

Also last Saturday (27), Free Fire fans around the world celebrated the brand's first major global campaign, Battle In Style, in a live show that combined music, dance and cutting edge technology. The live broadcast featured TRAP, the virtual band formed by Free Fire characters, Moco, Miguel and Antonio. In addition, players who entered the game between November 27th and 28th received an emote Battle In Style to celebrate the meeting of TRAP and its members.
O Battle In Style is Free Fire's new brand identity that encourages players to face battles, both in-game and in real life, in a creative, unique and authentic way for them. Anyone who missed the show or wants to watch it again can find it on YouTube. For more information about Free Fire, follow Garena's social networks on Facebook, Instagram, TwitterTikTok. Free Fire can be downloaded from App Store e Google PlayStore.

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